Surrey Golf

Mixed 4somes The Thornhill KO

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1st Round
To be played by Sun 13th Sep 2020  
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2nd Round
To be played by Sun 14th Mar 2021  
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3rd Round
To be played by Sun 13th Jun 2021  
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Quarter Final
To be played by Sun 25th Jul 2021  
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To be played by Sun 5th Sep 2021  
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To be played by Sun 17th Oct 2021  
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Guildford  C                                                                                                                                                       
Guildford  C                                                                                                                              
 Braeside D                                                                                                     
Purley Downs C                                                                                                     
Braeside D  4&3                                                                                                    
Braeside D  2&1                                                                                                     
  Surbiton C                                                                            
Clandon Regis C  3&1                                                                            
Clandon Regis C                                                                            
Hoebridge C                                                                            
 Surbiton C  2 Holes                                                                           
Surbiton C Walkover                                                                            
Surbiton C  4&3                                                                            
Burhill  D                                                                              
   Reigate Hill D                                                   
Hersham C                                                     
Royal Mid-Surrey C                                                    
Royal Mid-Surrey C  4&3                                                   
 Reigate Hill D  2&1                                                  
Reigate Hill D  1 Hole                                                  
Reigate Hill D  2 Holes                                                  
Tyrrells Wood E                                                    
  Reigate Hill D  3&2                                                  
Sunbury C  3&1                                                    
Sunbury C                                                    
Royal Mid-Surrey F                                                    
 Chobham C                                                    
Chobham C  5&4                                                    
Chobham C  5&4                                                    
Merrist Wood C                                                      
    Royal Automobile Club C  2&1                         
Royal Automobile Club C  5&4                            
Royal Automobile Club C  5&4                           
Hampton Court Palace C                            
 Royal Automobile Club C  4&3                          
Royal Mid-Surrey H                           
West Byfleet C                           
West Byfleet C  2&1                           
  Royal Automobile Club C  1 Hole                         
Chobham D Walkover                          
Chobham D  1 Hole                         
Roehampton C                          
 Chobham D                          
Walton Heath C  1 Hole                          
Walton Heath C                           
Farnham D                            
   Royal Automobile Club C  6&5                         
Hersham D Walkover                            
Hersham D                            
Cranleigh D                            
 Surrey Downs D                           
West Surrey C                           
Surrey Downs D Walkover                          
Surrey Downs D  4&2                           
  Braeside C                           
Braeside C  6&4                            
Braeside C  1 Hole                           
Purley Downs F                            
 Braeside C  6&5                           
Royal Mid-Surrey  D                             
Surrey Downs C                             
Surrey Downs C  3&2                             
     Royal Automobile Club C
Walton Heath D  4&3     
Walton Heath D     
Burhill  E     
 Tyrrells Wood D  5&4   
Tyrrells Wood D  1 Hole   
Tyrrells Wood D  4&3   
Purley Downs D     
  Tyrrells Wood D  5&4  
Royal Mid-Surrey E Walkover   
Royal Mid-Surrey E  1 Hole  
Purley Downs E   
 Royal Mid-Surrey E   
Pyrford C    
Puttenham C    
Puttenham C  1 Hole    
   Tyrrells Wood D  
Wimbledon Common D    
Clandon Regis E Walkover  
Clandon Regis E  4&2  
 Clandon Regis E  8&6 
Windlesham  C  
White Lodge C  
White Lodge C  2 Holes  
  Clandon Regis E  
Wimbledon Common C  1 Hole   
Wimbledon Common C   
Foxhills C   
 West Byfleet D   
West Byfleet D  4&3   
West Byfleet D  2&1   
Sutton Green C     
    Burhill C  
Reigate Hill C      
Burhill C  2&1    
Burhill C  6&4    
 Burhill C  1 Hole   
Royal Wimbledon  C  7&6   
Royal Wimbledon  C    
Tyrrells Wood C     
  Burhill C  1 Hole  
Royal Wimbledon  D  5&3   
Royal Wimbledon  D  3&2  
Richmond Park  C   
 Royal Wimbledon  D   
Horne Park C    
Clandon Regis D    
Clandon Regis D  3&2    
   Burhill C  4&3  
Richmond Park  D Walkover     
Richmond Park  D  2&1    
Farnham C     
 Richmond Park  D    
Royal Mid-Surrey G    
Camberley Heath  C    
Camberley Heath  C  4&3    
  Wimbledon Common E    
Croham Hurst C      
Croham Hurst C     
 Wimbledon Common E  1 Hole     
Wimbledon Common E      
Wimbledon Common E  5&3     

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